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Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Tips: Green Gardening

May 22, 2017
Almost every choice we make in our everyday lives has some impact on the environment in which we live. Green gardening is another way to help the environment and wildlife out and allow you to feel good about and know you’re doing your part to create a healthy planet!

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening: Shelter

May 19, 2017

Providing the proper shelter for wildlife in your backyard is important. Not only does shelter protect wildlife from extreme temperatures, rain and other harsh weather, it also helps them hide from predators and provides them with places to safely raise their young. 


Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Tips: Water Features

May 12, 2017

Water is the basis for all life. It is necessary for drinking, keeping our wildlife clean and healthy. By adding a source of water to your yard, you’ll be amazed at the wildlife you attract! Find out ways to incorporate water into your backyard!

New Home Buyer's Guide - Choosing your place in one of our Qualico Communities

May 10, 2017
So you’re looking for a community for your new custom built or premium home? From the start, you can rest easy knowing that all our communities are developed to the highest standards for design, environmental sustainability and meet the diverse and changing needs of homeowners.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Tips: Native Plants

May 03, 2017
Adding native plants into your yard it’s just one of the steps you can take to get you on your way to creating a CWF certified backyard and helping to build a natural, environment. So, this growing season, consider gardening with our wild neighbours in mind  to support the surrounding environment in our community and beyond!

The Benefits of Making Your Backyard Welcoming to Wildlife

Apr 19, 2017

Ever wonder how you can make a difference for the health of wildlife living in and around Winnipeg? Well you can, and it could be done right in your own backyard. Find out how to create a space to help our environment grow!