At Home With Nature

Those who already call Charleswood home understand the pleasure of living close to nature. Not only does the area offer regular glimpses of wildlife, including deer and songbirds, but plenty of wooded areas and wide-open spaces to explore. Just minutes away you’ll discover even more of Winnipeg’s finest outdoor treasures, including the Assiniboine Forest and Assiniboine Park, FortWhyte Alive, Beaudry Provincial Park, and the Harte Trail. 

Native Grasses and Plants
Careful Planning for Sustained Development

With the help of specialists, we work hard to incorporate the existing environment and weave it into our communities, creating a sustainable development that’s native to the Manitoba landscape

As a new community in Charleswood—a neighbourhood already rich in natural beauty with mature trees and plants—RidgeWood West has a lot to live up to. Throughout the planning process, we worked closely with community groups and remain committed to an ongoing dialogue to ensure that residents—both those living in Charleswood today and those coming to RidgeWood West—will continue to enjoy the peaceful setting and natural habitat this special part of Winnipeg offers. 

RidgeWood West is being designed to retain important tree stands, create naturalized wetlands, and provide a trail system to integrate with and supplement the Harte Trail.

When it comes to planting boulevard trees, Qualico Communities is responsible for planting and maintaining the tree for the first two years after it is planted. After a year and an inspection approval by the City of Winnipeg, it becomes the City of Winnipeg’s responsibility. However, we encourage homeowners to maintain the tree in front of their home to ensure it thrives and enhances your curb appeal.

To identify a city-owned tree in your area, view the City of Winnipeg's interactive map.