Native Grasses and Wetlands

Manitoba is rich in native species of plants, grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Incorporating elements of the natural prairie landscape into RidgeWood West will help create a healthy neighbourhood ecosystem and offer stunning landscapes for residents to enjoy.

In addition to thoughtfully considered plantings, residents can expect to find constructed wetlands that will not only beautify the community, but help keep waterways clean, too. By collecting run-off and filtering it with native grasses and shoreline plants, impurities can be captured before they reach the City’s drainage system and enter our rivers and streams.

Longstanding area residents will be pleased to know that through careful planning, our landscape architects will create plantings and streetscapes that complement the one next door, offering the same high-quality natural environment that everyone can be proud of.

Benefits of Native Grasses and Plants:
  • Little-to-no pesticide use

  • Aid in reducing soil erosion due to wind or water

  • Provide habitat and shelter for birds and animals

  • Absorb carbon from the air and help purify the soil

  • Remove impurities from the water

  • Provide texture and colour change with the seasons

  • Less attractive to Canada Geese or gophers