A Community to Call Home, Again

Oct 05, 2016

For Steve Strum and his partner Cheryl, building a new home in RidgeWood West in a way was like moving back home. Strum grew up in Charleswood, on Colin Drive in a home that his parents built, and always knew he’d eventually move back to the community.

With its small town vibe, well-established services and country inspired charm, it’s no wonder that people who grew up here are choosing to come back to the first new development the area has seen for decades.

“When we moved away, I always told myself that if given the chance, I’d build my own home back here one day,” says Strum.

Once they heard about the new development, Strum and his partner literally jumped at the opportunity to build a brand new home in RidgeWood West.

“I knew how fast it would sell out here and knowing we could own a lot that backed onto the walking trails made it even easier to buy into this community,” says Strum.

The couple moved into their home on June 21st, 2016 and have settled in quite nicely meeting their neighbours and enjoying the outdoor amenities.

“Quick access to the Harte Trail was a huge selling point for us,” says Strum who is very active. “I bike to work every day and being right beside the trail, it’s the perfect place to start my day.”

As an important stretch of the Trans Canada Trail, the Harte Trail is a 6.5 kilometer path that runs through a narrow strip of wilderness on the bed of an old railway in the heart of Charleswood. It’s a much loved year-round trail because it’s an ideal spot to go for a run, walk, bike ride, cross-country ski or explore with family.

“We’ve spent a lot of time outdoors this summer and are looking forward to enjoying the neighbourhood in the fall,” says Strum.

Steve and Cheryl live in a brand new two-storey home built by one of RidgeWood West’s Premium builders, Randall Homes.

“It’s absolutely perfect. We have three massive bedrooms, an incredible lot and a beautiful sitting loft upstairs.” Says Strum.

For the first residents that have moved into Phase I of RidgeWood West, life is settling down and they are already enjoying their new lifestyle and neighbourhood. “It’s been great so far. We waited a long time to be able to build a brand new home in Charleswood, and our neighbours agree,” says Strum. “It feels really good to call this place home again.”

If you are interested in building a new home in RidgeWood West, contact any of our participating builders and visit one of our show homes to find out more!