The Harte Trail in the Summer

Jul 02, 2024

Summer is all about getting outside and experiencing the warm weather. Especially in Manitoba, where our winters can feel long, many of us enjoy taking advantage of the summer weather while it’s here.

Living in RidgeWood West gives you the ability to get out and do something active in a moment’s notice. People living in the middle of the city usually have to travel far to places like Assiniboine Park to experience nature. With the Harte Trail running alongside the community, residents in RidgeWood West are connected to Assiniboine Forest and Fort Whyte. It’s just a matter of grabbing your walking shoes or hopping on your bicycle and heading to the trail.

The Harte Trail is situated on a former railway line, The Harte Subdivison of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and later the Canadian National Railway. The line was built in 1894 and was last used by the Prairie Dog Central Railway in 1974. Its original fate was to become a road, but members of the community lobbied for it to become a trail. It opened to the public in 1990 and in 2000, became a part of the Trans-Canada Trail. 

The trail is covered in crushed limestone, much like the trails in RidgeWood West. Running for a total of 6.5 km, when out on bike or by foot, you’ll experience the best of prairie nature; open fields, lush forest, and the sights and sounds of woodland animals.

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From RidgeWood West, it’s only a short trip by bike to Fort Whyte, which makes for a great family activity because all those who ride their bike to the facility get in for free! On the way, you’ll cross Wilkes Avenue at Shaftesbury Road and lots of great open space.

You’ll also pass through the Assiniboine Forest! The ride is juxtaposed by open prairies and long tunnels of trees. Along the way you’ll see lots of fruit-bearing plants, Siberian Elm, and a large variety of native plants and grasses. If you get tired, don’t worry, there are also benches situated along the trail to take a break.

Once you hit the Assiniboine Forest, there is so much more to explore. With asphalt and woodchip trails weaving throughout, you can explore the entire park in a day. Assiniboine Forest is Canada’s largest urban forest spanning over 700 acres of Oak and Aspen, and also plays home to a herd of White-Tailed Deer.

If this sounds like an appealing lifestyle for you or your family, get in touch with one of our builders today! RidgeWood West is Charleswood’s newest community and we only work with the province’s top builders.