RidgeWood West’s public art

Aug 15, 2022

Public art is interwoven throughout RidgeWood West to create a lasting impact to both its visitors and residents. It is used to enrich our streetscapes and is a powerful tool that can make a space exciting by creating new experiences.

With multi-functionality, spaces with public art can encourage people to connect with their neighbours and engage with their environment. Similarly, public art can boost your mood and inspire creativity.

Public art is a way for artists to share stories, history or to raise awareness. Additionally, public art enhances our community by serving as distinctive landmarks that cultivate an identity.

Each of RidgeWood West’s art pieces encompass a variety of these benefits.

Running Bison and the Rubbing Stone


Running Bison and the Rubbing Stone is an impressive traffic circle sculpture located at the intersection of Couture Crescent and Charleswood Road. Created by local artists David MacNair and Barry Bonham, the sculpture depicts five bison, made of corten steel and a granite rubbing stone that is over 28,000 pounds.

The inspiration derives from the bison that once roamed freely across the prairies and the boulders they would rub against to help remove their winter coats. The steel and rivets used in this sculpture are a representation of the trains that regularly travel across our province.

Wheat Sheaves


Wheat sheaves are depicted throughout RidgeWood West to pay homage to our prairie culture. They act as wayfinding markers that are located in the community’s entrance feature on Charleswood Road, along the naturalized wetlands and in the traffic circle at the intersection of McKellar Drive and Couture Crescent.

These pieces were designed in collaboration with McGowan Russell Group and consist of corten steel pillars that incorporate welded posts and ornamental diagonal bracing that represent sheaves of wheat. Each of these structures also comprise of boulders, trees, shrubs and a stone wall to landscape the area.

Entry features

Entance Feature-PublicArt

The entry features in RidgeWood West welcome visitors into the community. The main entrance feature is a striking landmark that stands at the intersection of Charleswood Road and the Canadian National railway tracks. It includes a wheat sheaf pillar and large boulders with the name RidgeWood West inscribed in mounted steel lettering. Surrounding this feature is a landscaped area that incorporates various levels of limestone with large coniferous trees and grasses throughout.

The second entrance feature is a mason wall that wraps around Couture Crescent and backs onto the Harte Trail. It was designed to reflect the wall that lines the perimeter of this community. This entrance feature includes mounted steel letters that spell the name RidgeWood West on the outside and Couture Crescent on the inside wall that is facing the street. This entrance feature welcomes anyone who is entering RidgeWood West from the Charleswood neighbourhood.

The next time you’re in RidgeWood West, be sure to take a moment to appreciate your surroundings whether it’s by taking a deep breath of fresh air, listening to the songbirds along our trails and naturalized wetlands or admiring a piece of art in the community.