Is RidgeWood West Right for you and your Family?

Dec 13, 2016

RidgeWood West Camira Way - Blog Photo

Looking to purchase or build a new home that fits your family’s needs can be the start of a lot of frustration and looking in an unfamiliar area can even be stressful. With so many different communities in and beyond Winnipeg, it’s hard to narrow down what’s important to your family and how a new community can help make the transition as easy as possible.

To help you find the perfect new home, we’ve highlighted some of the benefits that come along with living in one of the newest neighbourhoods in Charleswood, RidgeWood West.

Gain a lot more space –indoors and outdoors!

One of the best advantages to living in RidgeWood West is the fact that you and your entire family are so close to all of the outdoor action. The community is full of pristine prairie wetlands, native grasses and extensive walking trails that connect with the renowned Harte Trail. Whether it’s biking to work in the summer or taking the family cross country skiing during our beautiful Manitoba winters, the Harte Trail is a go to for Winnipeggers in the Charleswood area.

Not only is there space outdoors for your family to explore, RidgeWood West gives you the opportunity to build a premium or custom home on a diverse range of home sites. Some of the lots available in the community face the wetlands and native grasses and offer gorgeous views all year around. Randall Homes, one of the communities’ premium home builders believes that their three-bedroom bungalow with a double-wide entrance is the perfect fit for a growing family.

“Because of all the space and well-thought through design, these homes fit the needs of younger and mature families perfectly.” says the Vice President of Randall Homes, Jason Jaquet.

RidgeWood West is also close to many parks and a splash pad that make it extremely desirable for young families that want to set some roots down in the area.

Design a home for everyone’s needs

If you choose to build a premium or custom home in RidgeWood West, you have the ability to design it as you see fit. Some of the latest trends that other residents have incorporated into their design process is adding high ceilings and dedicated play spaces. High ceilings make the already big rooms feel bigger, and not only stylistically change things but can make the family room feel more open.

Play spaces are awesome for growing families because it ensures that those little ones have their own special place to play, grow and discover –all in one room or area. This means a little peace of mind for you knowing that your kids and their friends will always have a safe place to play and less toys scattered around the house.

Taking a little extra time to think carefully about where everyone’s bedrooms should be can end up helping you in the long run. Lots of families and builders have started placing the bedrooms in different quarters of the home to give all the members of your family some privacy. Keeping the master suite apart from the other bedrooms gives you the freedom to have your own space and take care of things without waking the kids up, like finishing the last load of laundry.

Deciding on a builder is about much more than style and cost. Choosing the right builder can help protect your investment and bring your vision to life. Our custom builders are dedicated to constructing your home with lasting materials, timeless designs and only the most advanced building technologies. You can be assured that your home will be crafted with the highest quality!

Surround yourself with amenities

It’s important to find a neighbourhood that has great schools, close grocery stores and access to activities you enjoy!

Whether your kids are in elementary or in their last few years of high school, RidgeWood West is close to plenty of schools no matter how old your kids are:

Just down the street, the Park West shopping centre is home to the TD Bank, Liquor Mart, No Frills Grocery, Shoppers Drugs Mart, The Yoga Barre and much more. Close proximity to all these amenities makes life a bit easier when you’ve had a busy day and need to pick something up on your way home or want to relive a little stress after the kids are in bed at the yoga studio.

If you think that RidgeWood West is the right fit for you and your family, visit our show homes or contact us to find out more information about our builders, availability and pricing!