RidgeWood West: Capturing Nature And History

Jun 14, 2016

RidgeWood West may be a new community in Charleswood, but it has already captured all of the area’s nature and history. Charleswood is one of Winnipeg’s more mature neighbourhoods, but that doesn’t mean it’s yesterday’s news. The natural habitat and landscapes have always been a foundation for the community, and RidgeWood West is no exception – offering a diverse range of home styles amongst wetlands, native grasses and trails.

One of the most compelling and unique features of the community are the paths that connect directly to the Harte Trail, which lead to the nearest entry into Assiniboine Forest. 

Alan Roberts, a long time resident of the area and chair of the Charleswood Rotary Club’s Assiniboine Forest Committee, says “We take a lot of pride in the work we do in the park.” He believes that the Assiniboine Forest is one of the city’s most valued natural treasures. 

Roberts, an engineer by trade, joined the Rotary Club in 2006 and has been working on projects for Assiniboine Forest ever since. “The big capital projects are most satisfying and interesting, but I also enjoy working on the annual maintenance that keeps the trails in good shape,” he says. “The trails are in great condition and we know people enjoy spending their time here.”

Future residents of RidgeWood West can look forward to living near this 700-acre Oak and Aspen forest – the largest urban nature park in Canada. Whether you’re taking a quiet stroll on your own or a bike ride with your family, there is a lot of nature to soak in. This includes over 39 species of mammals such as deer and fox, more than 80 species of birds, and over seven kilometers of trails to explore.

The Club has started working of a boardwalk in the wetlands that allows visitors to get a first-hand view of the natural inhabitants. They have also started the development of areas to plant native wild grasses.

As “custodians” of the forest, The Charleswood Rotary Club contributes to the finances, publishes the Assiniboine Forest Environmental Education Guide, and coordinates major projects like “Green Team”. The club also works closely with the City’s Naturalist to help extend the trail system and replant native species to areas cleared before the park was established.

With all these projects underway, it’s clear how passionate Charleswood is about preserving the natural landscapes, and RidgeWood West is excited to be a part of this beautiful community. Contact a builder today if you are interested in calling RidgeWood West home.