5 Charleswood Schools Serving RidgeWood West

Oct 01, 2015

RidgeWood West features 5 schools within 5 km of the community, all part of the Pembina Trails School Division – so you really can enjoy living in a natural setting without giving up the convenience of a quick ride to school for your children. The 5 schools profiled here are those with easy access to RidgeWood West, and are not the only options available to residents of the community. For more information on selecting the best school for your child, please see the Government of Manitoba’s School of Choice Initiative. 


Beaumont School is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 English school serving the Charleswood community for over 50 years. Beaumont encourages community members to visit the facilities and staff when considering enrollment for their children. The school also maintains strong relationships with the families of students after enrollment.

Beaumont prides itself as being a respectful, exciting educational community that provides success for all students.

Find out more about Beaumont School, 5880 Betsworth Avenue – (204) 895-2820


Beaverlodge Elementary is a school that R.O.C.K.S. That is, they:

R. do the Right thing
O. are Open-minded
C. Care for individuals, each other and this place
K. are Kind, and
S. Strive to achieve their goals

With a commitment to their priorities of a safe and caring school, literacy and numeracy, and sustainability – Beaverlodge Elementary lives up to their statement that “school is a place for laughing, learning and loving.” 

Find out more about Beaverlodge Elementary School, 6691 Rannock Avenue – (204) 895-8213. 

Oak Park

École Secondaire Oak Park High School is a Grade 9 to Grade 12 French Immersion and Grade 10 to Grade 12 English High School serving the Charleswood area.

Oak Park High School is committed to providing a safe, accepting and academically challenging environment. By doing so, the school gives each student the opportunity to develop critical thinking and decision making skills, an understanding of his or her social responsibility, and a strong feeling of self-worth.

In addition to regular academic courses, Oak Park High School offers enrollment in:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Fine Arts
  • French Immersion
  • Leadership
  • Career Development
  • Program for Gifted Learners
  • Courses at Winnipeg Technical Centre

And participation in:

  • A wide variety of extracurricular activities
  • Over a dozen student council committees
  • Extensive athletic activities   

Find out more about École Secondaire Oak Park High School, 820 Charleswood Road – (204) 895-7221.


Westgrove Elementary School is home to approximately 115 students and over 25 staff members. Westgrove School focuses on the four pillars of livinglearninggrowing andbeing, with the goal of developing academically strong students who are respectful, responsible, resilient and well-rounded citizens.

In addition to regular academic courses, Westgrove School offers a variety of programs that serve the school community, including:

  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Here We Come
  • Healthful Happenings
  • Circles of Love
  • Music and Daily Physical Education.

Find out more about Westgrove Elementary School, 50 Westgrove Way – (204) 895-8208.


Westdale School is a grade 7 through 9 junior high school of approximately 216 students and over 38 staff. The size and focus of Westdale allows them to address the unique needs of young adolescents through a “middle years” approach to education. A key to this approach is the attention given to the student’s need for belonging, which is supported through Teacher Advisory Groups and extensive extra-curricular programming.

Westdale School is also committed to the development of personal, community and environmental stewardship through educational excellence.

Find out more about Westdale School, 6720 Betsworth Avenue – (204) 895-8205.