What’s the scoop on dog poop?

Apr 01, 2024

Dog poop
Spring can be a smelly time of year for dog owners, especially when turds can no longer freeze into poopsicles. It’s one thing to become lenient in picking up the poop in your own backyard but imagine seeing and smelling everyone else’s soggy dog poop when you’re out on a walk.

This is why dog poop has become such a hot topic on community Facebook pages. It’s a huge issue for those with homes backing onto trails who can’t simply walk away from the mess. Instead, they’re stuck seeing and smelling the disaster from their backyards each day.

Here are some tips on how to be a good dog parent and neighbour:

Make it easy for yourself

If your fingers are cold, don’t ditch the poop and leave it for someone else to clean-up. Instead, before going out for a walk, pre-open the bags so you’re not stuck struggling to get them open in the cold wind. This will help you to quickly grab a bag from your pocket, place your hand in it and scoop the poop as quickly as possible.

Pro tip: Don’t be caught off guard when your dog hits you with a triple. Be sure to take plenty of poop bags on your walk. However, if you do find yourself a bag short (it happens), be sure to circle back later to clean it up or pick-up another turd that you spot on the trail as good karma.

Be creative

If you’re pup is unloading and the sight of fresh poop makes you queasy, stand where the wind is not blowing towards you. While you’re reaching into your pocket for the pre-opened bag, hold your breath and quickly scoop that poop up.

Pro tip: Use scented bags to mask the poop smell and go one step further by using bags that are compostable, biodegradable or are made from recycled materials to be environmentally conscious.

Be responsible

Once you’ve contained the poop, don’t hide it beneath snow or leaves and don’t fling the bag in a bush or in a neighbour’s yard. As we’ve established earlier – the poop will always come back to haunt someone. Be a good neighbour and dog owner by disposing of it in the nearest garbage can.

Pro tip: Holding freshly filled poop bags make great hand warmers in chilly weather.

Stock up

Stop by the Qualico office at 1 Dr. David Friesen Drive in Sage Creek to grab a roll of free poop bags. They come in a cute bone-shaped dog bag holder with a convenient clip to attach while you and your furry friends are going for a walk. The bags are leak resistant and biodegradable.