Staying active near RidgeWood West

Jan 07, 2020

The New Year is upon us and many people use this as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf by becoming more active. Regular exercise has incredible health benefits that can improve your mood, lessen the risks of chronic diseases and improve sleep quality. We’ve all heard of the many advantages of exercise but it can be difficult to know where to begin; especially during the harsh winter months where many outdoor activities are out of the question.

Joining an indoor club will not only help you to become more active during the winter but it’ll also allow you to meet new people with the same interests. Clubs will deepen your knowledge of a chosen activity and will strengthen self-confidence. Not to mention, if you’re doing something that you enjoy it’ll relieve stress as well.

Here are some indoor activities near RidgeWood West to help you stay active year-round.
Yoga Barre

The Yoga Barre

The Yoga Barre offers barre, spin and yoga classes on the second floor of 6640 Roblin Boulevard. Each exercise category has a variety of classes that focus on different elements including relaxation, stretching, strength and cardio. The Yoga Barre also has events such as workshops, bootcamps, training and retreats that are held throughout the year.

Charleswood Curling Club

The Charleswood Curling Club has a rich history that began in 1946. This curling club is located at 4000 Grant Avenue and has leagues for all ages including men’s, ladies, mixed, juniors, seniors and masters.

Springers Gymnastics

Springers Gymnastics is located at 4246 Ridgewood Avenue and holds classes for all ages. Adult classes are available once a week which includes a partially structured program with certified instructors who will teach gymnastic skills, lead a workout program and then provide free time for participants to work on specific skills. There is no experience required but be prepared to have good workout in a fun environment.

Charleswood Karate

Charleswood Karate is a place to improve your fitness through flexibility, core strength and general conditioning. Gain confidence by becoming stronger and understand your capabilities by learning self-defense in a friendly atmosphere. This gym is located at 5924 Roblin Boulevard and offers a welcoming environment with programs for children, youth and adults of all experience levels.

If these clubs haven’t peaked your interest, take a look at leisureONLINE to find local activities to help you stay fit.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it’s all about making progress and creating healthy habits out of repetition until they become a part of your weekly routine. If you’re living a healthy lifestyle and feeling fulfilled, your New Year is off to a wonderful start.