Homebuyer’s guide on how to build new

Nov 02, 2023

Homebuyer's Guide
There are countless reasons to buy a new home! Today's homes are more energy efficient, safer and stronger than ever and when you buy a new home, you know exactly what you're getting, so you can rest assured that your new house is ready to be enjoyed carefree!

Where to begin

Whether you prefer to choose a builder first or have a particular lot in mind, your builder is who you’ll be working with throughout the entire process of building your new home.

In RidgeWood West, all of the lots are purchased directly from the builder. If you have a particular lot in mind and that lot is already owned by a builder, you must use them to build your home. Your builder’s agent can help you select a lot from the ones they own, or can access any that may still be available to purchase from Qualico Communities, the developer.

Keep in mind when selecting a lot that size and location can impact your home’s floor plan and elevation, while also pin-pointing your ideal setting within the community.

If you’re just beginning to explore builders and lot options, a builder’s agent is often your best source of information. Based on your needs and wishes, they’ll provide you with their lot availability, prices and sizes, while giving you an idea of what the total cost will be to build your new home.
HomeBuyer's Guide-Perfect match

Finding the perfect match

Contact a builder and explore their website to get an idea of which company may be a good fit for you and your family. An in-person visit can be even better, as it gives you a chance to speak to an agent directly.

Visiting our show homes allows you to explore multiple builders and home styles at the same time, since they’re often conveniently located on the same block. This way you can speak to an agent directly to get a feel of what they’re like to work with, as well as a sense of the flow and layout of their homes.

Builder classifications

There are two types of new home builders in RidgeWood West - premium and custom.

Premium homes typically have lots of 36 to 44 feet wide with varying depths depending on their location. Premium bungalows start at 1,350 square-feet while two-storey homes begin at 1,700 square-feet.

Custom homes on the other hand usually start at 46 feet wide with varying depths, depending on location. Some of these lots back onto park space or wetlands and may allow for walk-out basements. Custom bungalows start at 1,500 square-feet and two-storeys at 1,800 square-feet.

Each builder has a different style, offering and approach to home building. You can learn about their building process, construction techniques, use of new materials and technology, as well as design trends by speaking with them and touring their show homes.

Qualico Communities has taken care to provide a selection of reputable builders for each area of the community, each of whom is also well-versed in RidgeWood West’s architectural guidelines.
Homebuyers Guide-setting down roots

Setting down roots

Once you’ve established your new home budget, you can work with your chosen builder's design team to select the ideal materials and finishes for the interior and exterior of your home. Builders can be an excellent resource on financing options and have in-depth knowledge of the local services, community amenities and even resident groups.

Consider a spec home

If building a new home from scratch seems too time consuming or overwhelming, consider a spec home. A spec home is a premium or custom home that a builder has finished building, or that is currently under construction. Builders often create spec homes to showcase new floor plans, design features or even a particular lot.

This can be a great alternative for those who prefer to see a floor plan or other features already in place or require a quick possession date.

If you're looking to build a new home here in RidgeWood West, stop by our show homes to speak to a builder. Another good idea is to visit our list of builders and take a look at available lots through our lot map the next time you’re browsing online as well.