RidgeWood West open house recap

Nov 05, 2019

Open House October 2019On October 16, 2019 Qualico Communities and Landmark hosted an open house to provide RidgeWood West residents with a general update on development progress in the neighbourhood.

Topics included:
- An upcoming hearing for DASZ 32/2019 for a re-zoning and subdivision to create 10 single family building lots;
- An upcoming DASZ application for lands in the southwest corner of RidgeWood West which will be acquired from the Province of Manitoba;
- The construction of a cellular communications tower south of the CN main line; and
- The recent opening of a new playground which was initiated and lead by the RidgeWood West Residents' Association.

Please review the presentation boards below for more detailed information.

RidgeWood West Open House Boards Oct.2019