The RWWRA: A Residents' Association on the Rise

Feb 21, 2018

RidgeWood West is Charleswood’s newest community, pairing the established feel of the area with the modern comforts of brand new homes. The area is on the rise, so it’s no surprise a group of motivated residents have come together to create a residents’ association to help promote the area, put on events, and raise funds for future improvements and amenities.

Jamie Neville, Rachelle Isaak and Robin Crosbie are the founding members of the organization.

“We formed the residents’ association with some help from Qualico this past spring/summer,” says Crosbie. “We were looking into building a playground in our new neighbourhood.”

New playgrounds can be very expensive, and often the development of the design as well as fundraising is left in the trusting hands of the residents. They know best what they want for their children. To streamline this process, and create fairness and gather input from people living in the area, the Residents’ Association was born.

“The new playground will have a nature/prairie feel to it to fit in with our surroundings. Having a place for families to meet and interact is huge for a new development. It allows you to meet your neighbours, form new friendships, and build trust with one another. It also provides kids with a safe place to socialize and get some exercise,” says Crosbie.

Much like residents’ associations on other Qualico communities, their role is to function as a means of neighbourhood support. Things like fundraising and putting on community events are also part of their future plans.

The organization is setup as a non-profit corporation, aiming to give the community a social platform where residents can exchange ideas, common interests, suggestions, and concerns.

Crosby says in the near future, the group hopes to organize family fun days, festivals and other community events, with the long-term goal of working to improve the area so it remains safe and the residents can thrive.

“There is still a lot of housing to be developed in RidgeWood West, and as more and more residents continue to build, and as our community forms, the planned activities and initiatives will expand!”